Each year at Christmas time, we brother Knights adopt a local family or two  to help them have a better Christmas. 


This year, we are adopting 2 families from the Domestic Violence Resource Center in Wakefield.  Both families are headed by single moms.  Each has 3 children.  Mom #1 has 3 younger children and Mom #2 has 3 older children.

This year, given the pandemic, the families are asking for gift cards.  To make our buying process a bit easier, again given the pandemic, we are asking those Knights who are interested in participating to make your contribution online.  See the instructions below on how to contribute to this worthy cause.  We'll purchase the gift cards and deliver them to DVRC in mid-December.  

Thank you for your consideration and helping make a better Christmas for a family in need!



View the list below to see which gifts are still available.  Then scroll down to the "Select Options Below" section and make your selection with the pull down menu.  You can purchase in $25 allotments for each person listed.  When you click on "Add to Cart", on the next screen you'll be given the option to change the quantity of $25 allotments for that person.  For example, if you wanted to purchase a complete gift card for one of the younger children, which is $50, then you would change the quantity of $25 units from one to two.  If you wanted to just partially contribute to a gift card, then select the multiples of $25 you would like to apply toward that gift.  

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